I am an fluent American English speaker, able to speak convincingly

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Attached is a brief audio sample of me speaking if you would like to hear more feel free to contact me.

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British (England - Yorkshire & Humber) North American (General)


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Hello, My name is Carl Nyberg and I'm a voice over actor, musician and recording artist. I'd like to offer you a sampling of different accents and voices unable to speak in to endorse your product or to read for an audio book or a script or whatever video needs you may have. The first accent will be american english. Hello. My name is Carl, Nice to meet you. I can meet in the convoys or I can meet an agitated voice. I can talk like this or I can talk like this, I can speak somewhat like this or change it up to talk a little too. You may be more in this direction if you don't like that. I have this and I also have these, so these are just a sampling of different voices speaking. If you're interested in hiring me, I'm interested in doing any kind of projects that may be paying the right wage and worth my time. Once again, my name is Carl and I am a voice over actor, recording artist, musician and I am the best. So you should hire me