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Acheivement Badges Top Talent


Surfer, Cowboy, Action Star, Mobster, Gangster, Knight, Bee

Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Middle Aged (35-54)


British (Received Pronunciation - RP, BBC) Italian (American) North American (General)


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pretty cool stuff. Huh? Sorry for the surprise move bra. But when you see a wave you gotta take it right? Alright amigos follow me. There's something special about a wide open prairie under the stars. That brings out the best in me. All I need is a good horse and the finest handcrafted leather boots. Fire up the burners. We got bogies on our six. Let's go. Let's go see you back at the alpha waypoint boys, phoenix out secrets, reputations a life. Everything's got a price in the city and trust if you have to ask about it, you can't afford it. But hey, when did I ever pay for anything? Okay, so you use the other guys and now your packages well maybe not lost but it's 10 a.m. And fat Tony's on the phone. Now the boss wants to drive you around the block capiche. Next time if there is a next time use Fedex. Uh forget about it. Dark elves are aggressive, deceitful and stealthy. They are very little mercy and are very brutal and cruel by nature. They have no respect for others, even their own kind. I'm a B and I'm angry. Here's why you keep buying honey baked ham because you love it. Here's the thing. You talk about the spiral cut the three generations of and that's all fine. Then you go crazy over the great honey taste. That's where we have a problem. My human friends. Where do you think the idea for great honey taste comes from from bees Of course. But have you ever thought to thank a B. C. To a B? Hey, thanks for inspiring the great flavor of honey baked ham. No, you enjoy it. You love it, but you never thank us and you can't figure out why we sting.