Nikki Paige Animation Voiceover Reel

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Compilation of T. Nikki Paige's comedic animation voiceover work.

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American (General)


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look at this face. Don, does this look like the face of the same woman? I found this number in your trash can. The one by your desk. You don't worry about what I was looking through your trash can by your desk. You worry about the fact that this is my mother's phone number. When you said my mother was funny. It didn't bother me when you said my mother was pretty, it didn't bother me. When you said I should invite my mother over for drinks. It didn't bother me. But guess what? Don? Finding my mother's number in your trash can by your desk. That bothers me. My mother is no milk. Let's get one thing straight loser. I don't have to be anything. This is my game. You're playing by my rules. You understand that. Now if I don't get that money by tonight, I'm going to show that picture to your mom. And let's just say we're going to be in a sticky situation. Oh, hi baby. How you doing? Welcome the schmack burger home at a smack. It smack something. All ****. They should be ashamed of themselves for having an old bat like me in here flipping burgers. This is America the land of the automobile. The pop out drink holder was invented right here and it wasn't invented for a reason. The drive through. So pull up order and leave. Tell your grandpa mom. I said, hi baby. Mhm Mr McKenna. I wasn't gonna say anything, but since we're all coming clean, I figured this might be a good time to let you know that I kind of sort of accidentally broke the lamp on your nightstand. It's not like I was trying to find your wallet or anything. I just, sorry.