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How does this act of seeing occur? The process begins when special cells in the retina detect basic units of visible light known as photons. There are two types of these specialized cells. Rod cells provide information to the central nervous system regardless of the wavelength of the incoming photons. Which of the following findings is most likely in this patient. Elevated feto protein is the correct option because both hepatitis infections and liver cirrhosis are risk factors for the development of hepatocellular carcinoma. These changes in thoracic volume are accompanied by changes in the pressure gradient between the interior of the lungs called the intrapulmonary space and the external environment. We will discuss the mechanism of action and clinical use of the following classes of asthma medications including short acting beta two agonists, sabas inhaled corticosteroids, I CS si CS or saba combinations. Leuco Trane modifiers and anticolonergics. What is gastroenteritis? How does staphylococcal food poisoning differ from other forms of foodborne illness? What properties of staphylococcus aureus contribute to the incidence of food poisoning. How does temperature abuse lead to illness?