RIO ROCKET | 4 HORSEMEN - Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Villain, Characters



Multiple fantasy-based, corporate Character VO spot with funny, comedic delivery.

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Voice Age

Young Adult (18-35)


British (England - Yorkshire & Humber) British (General) North American (General)


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High upon the mountain top, scorching burnt embers from a burning bush, like the bright red sky setting the backdrop for the four horsemen of the apocalypse who await their master's orders? My followers, we are here to spark and fan the flame of humanity's awakening to cleanse this putrid world of its filth zoom meetings and endless emails and bring forth a new world. We await your orders. Master The first horseman is on a white horse carrying a bow and given a crown riding forward as a figure of conquest to invoke pestilence, head into the cities and towns and spread your infections, create illness and affliction in the name of apocalypse. That's a bit over the top. Don't you think? What? See there's gonna be a problem with that? What? Yeah. Like everyone's into the whole self care and wellness thing right now, people are going vis meditating, gluten, free options, essential oils and stuff like that. So you are declining your orders. Drama. Yeah, that's so hard now. Toodles such insolent. The second horseman is on a red horse carries a sword and is the creator of war, ride into the land and create dissension among mankind, stir up animosity and hatred between states, governments, societies and people sparked the rise of mercenaries, insurgents and militias creating aggression, violence, destruction. Don't you think that's a bit much. What a bit much. Yeah, that's just so very aggressive and unnecessary. What's all the hostility? You are the second horseman of the apocalypse war. That's your purpose. You just seem really in your feelings and like I just can't with you right now, Son of the third horseman is the dark merchant riding upon the black horse symbolizing famine rock. The food will the crops and destroy the harvest. I would, but I'm really hungry right now. You can't be serious. I haven't eaten in like a century maybe. And you want me to destroy a land of perfectly good munchies. Yeah, That's a tough ask. I command you to uh, the fourth horseman sits upon a pale green horse and upon it rides death. I know you will not betray me and you are the only horseman I need before we go asking all kinds of apocalyptic favors about that promotion I put in for um, um, Yes, of course. It's in review for 200 years. Well, we, we've been a bit understaffed and the copy machine's been busted. So um, HR is dealing all I'm hearing is excuses when I need to be hearing Dallas eyes. I assure you your paperwork is on my desk and being considered very carefully. Please bear with us in these trying to realize I'm death, right? Yes. And I could just end you realize that death and I'm, you're not considering, nah, I started a little side hustle on the weekends, started my own thing. Got a guy named Thanos who's willing to work his butt off for my new tech startup Blockchain is so hot. I can't afford to miss out on the opportunity. You know, there's Thanos, there gotta go deuces and as apocalypse sat atop the burning mountain alone, lonely and defeated. All he could think was what a plot twist. I don't know, maybe I'm in the wrong line of work.