Peter Pan Audiobook - Hook Excerpts



Peter Pan Audiobook - Hook Excerpts by R. John

This clip can best be described as: campy , fun , crazy , villainous , theatrical , bold , dynamic , characters , comedy , fantasy , creepy , silly , animated , delightful , engaging , engaged , humorous , funny , versatile , unique , evil , pirate

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Middle Aged (35-54)


British (General) Irish (General) Trans-Atlantic


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not of crocodiles. Hook corrected him, but of that one crocodile, he lowered his voice it night, my arms so much me that it has followed me ever since, from sea to sea, from land to land, licking its lips. For the rest of me, in a way sits me. It's sort of a compliment. I want no such compliments. Hook barked, petulant Lee. I want Peter Pan, who first gave the brood its taste of me. He sat down on a large mushroom, and now there was a quiver in his voice. Smee, he said, Husk, Aly, that crocodile would have had me before this, but by a lucky chance. It's swallowed a clock, which goes tick, tick inside it. And so, before it can reach me, I hear the tick and bolt he left. But in the Holloway someday sits me the clock to run down nine. You'll get Yah hook wetted his dry lips. Hi, he said. That's the fear that haunts me. Since sitting down, he felt curiously warm. It's me, he said. This seat is hot. He jumped up. Butts, bobs, hammer and tongs. I'm burning. By this time they were on the rock and suddenly hook. Remember Tiger Lily? Where is the red skin? He demanded abruptly. He had a playful humour at moments, and they thought this was one of the moments. It is all right, Captain Smee answered complacently. We let her go. Let's go! Cried hook. It was your own orders. The boats and faltered. You called over the water to us to let her go, said Starkey. Brimstone and gall thundered. Hook, what Chosen ing cheating is going on here. His face had gone black with rage, but he saw that they believed their words. And he was startled. Lads, he said, shaking a little. I gave no such order. It is a passing queer, Smee said, and they all fidgeted uncomfortably. Hook raised his voice, but there was a quiver to it spirit that haunts this dark lagoon. Tonight, he cried, Dust, thou hear me? Of course, Peter should have kept quiet, but of course he did not, he immediately answered in hooks. Voice odds, Bubs, Hammerin tongues. I hear you in that supreme moment. Hook did not Blanche, even at the gills. But Smee and Starkie clung to each other in terror. Who are you? Stranger? Speak Hook demanded. I am James Hook, replied the voice captain of the jolly Roger, You are not. You are not hook cried, horsefly, brimstone and gull, the voice retorted. Say that again and I'll cast anchor in you hook tried amore, ingratiating manner. If you are hook, he said, almost humbly. Come. Tell me, who am I? A codfish replied. The voice, only a codfish. A codfish hook echoed blankly, and it was then. But not till then that his proud spirit broke. He saw his men draw back from him. Have we been captain all this time? By a codfish? They muttered. It is lower in our pride. They were his dog, snapping at him, but tragic figure. Though he had become, he scarcely heated them against such fearful evidence. It was not their belief in him that he needed. It was his own. He felt his ego slipping from him. Don't desert me, bully, he whispered hoarsely to it. In his dark nature, there was a touch of the feminine, as in all the great pirates, and it's sometimes gave him intuitions. Suddenly, he tried the guessing game hook. He called Have you another voice now? Peter could never resist a game, and he answered lightly in his own voice. I have and another name. I I vegetable asked Hook. No Monroe, No animal. Yes, men, no, His answer rang out scornfully. Boy, Yes, Oh din ery bully. No wonderful boy to Wendy's pain. The answer that rang out this time was Yes. Are you in England? No. Are you here? Yes, Hook was completely puzzled. You ask him some questions, he said to the others. Wiping his damp brow, Smee reflected. I can't think of a thing, he said regretfully. Kitt guests can't guess, crowed Peter, do you give it up? Of course. In his pride, he was carrying the game too far, and the miscreants villains saw their chance. Yes, yes, they answered eagerly. Well, then he cried. I am Peter Pan. He had one last triumph, which I think we need not grudge him. As he stood on the bulwark, looking over his shoulder, a Peter gliding through the air. He invited him with a gesture to use his foot. It made Peter kick instead of stab. At last hook had got the boon for which he craved bad form. He cried, jeering Lee and went content to the crocodile. Thus perished James Hook