Radio Wonderland Ad Spot



Radio Wonderland Ad Spot by R. John:

This clip can best be described as: light , fun , upbeat , enthusiastic , engaging , playful , bright , sharp , witty , youthful , spry , fresh , cheerful , cheery , positive , hopeful , entertaining , cute , buoyant , amusing , lively , sweet , appealing , delightful , charming , enchanting , captivating , attractive , alluring

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Senior (55+)


Belgian French (Parisienne) Japanese North American (General)


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First of all, I would like to make one thing quite clear. Radio Wonderland is the U. K's Onley radio station that just plays Disney music all day, every day. What born? It's also the ideal advertising platform, as you can broadcaster sales message direct to a targeted and in tune audience. Hey, these guys are professionals. They're the best and advertising on radio wonderlands. Not as expensive as you might think. Is that care. You could be on air three times an hour every hour from just £35 per week, practically perfect in every way. You could say that. Find out more at Radio Wonderland dot co dot UK or email sales at Radio wonderland dot co dot UK.