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Our bodies are made up of trillions of cells. All of these cells are further subdivided into specialized components. One such component is the nucleus within which our genes are located. Our genes are responsible for providing all the instructions for making cell function. Thus, they are the building blocks of who we are that give us our ability to see, walk, talk, digest food, et cetera. Most of the time our genes give ourselves the correct instructions, but they can sometimes give the wrong instructions when there is a mistake, a mutation in the genetic sequence. This can lead to significant health problems. One type of genetic mutation results in a metabolic disorder known as congenital disorders of glycosylated or CD G S. So named because they impact glycosylated. The process of adding sugar modifications to proteins. Proteins are the molecules responsible for carrying out the instructions that our genes provide and adding sugar molecules to certain proteins is critical to enable the proteins to function properly. While all CD G S are relatively uncommon GP I anchor CD G S are among the rarest GP I anchor CD G S impact genes in the GP I anchor pathway which is a specific type of sugar modification that allows proteins to sit on the cell's surface. There are about 30 genes involved in the GP I anchor pathway and almost all of them have been associated with the CD G pig A is one of those genes and the one that we will take a closer look at here.