Anime - Dramatic/Evil/Awkward

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Characters include a vengeful/angry young warrior, a terrified/awkward schoolboy, an insane/power-hungry villain, an annoying high-pitched cheese-obsessed lunatic, a narcissistic bully, a powerful Southern antagonist, and an aggressive street punk.

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I saw him lying in a pool of his own blood. There was nothing I could do. I swore that day I held my father's lifeless hand that I'd have my revenge. Hey, I really like your shoes. They go really well with your socks, you know? Never mind forget I said anything. I'm gonna run away now. I can feel it. The power pulsing through me. My mind is expanding. I see all I see you. Yeah, cheese. I love cheese. I love Gouda, I love monster. I love I love blue, I love cheddar. Give me cheese. Yeah, I've been working out no big deal, but it's not just my beautiful muscles that are bigger. My brain has been doing bicep curls too, and we're gonna see who's on top of class next year. Punk. To me, it wasn't clear. I'm talking me. I'm talking about me. Oh, Mr. Big shot. Finally come home. I see you've picked up a few tricks while you've been away. Well, happy to show you. I've picked up a few tricks myself. What is this? A support group for men with low T. You guys don't want to pick a fight with me. All right, unless you've been looking in the mirror lately. I've been thinking my nose is too straight. In which case I'm happy to help with that