Ronen Roth - Animation Demo


Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Young Adult (18-35)


Eastern European (General) North American (General)


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Okay, that does it. That guy is definitely off my Christmas card list. Henry, A long time ago I implanted you with a subdermal chip that can call upon dormant nanobots in your bloodstream to restructure your anatomy and turn you into a car. Concentrate, Henry, concentrate. That's bad. Tell you what instead regret. I cannot believe I just did that. Talk about losing your cool. We'll have a lot to talk about this week. A therapy? Okay, Don't underestimate us. Our family's motto is, maybe we'll get lucky this time. Way were divided splenic amongst ourselves and lingerie combining super magnets, nuclear fission and banana peels. One can produce the necessary energy to open the wormhole. Light enough for a human being to bathroom travel. Dude, this is gonna blow your mind in my investigations. I recently made a discovery. Franklin Midwest may not be the founder of Tapioca Hills. Be painted a picture. I am president in the old country. The revolution is underway. The rebels have charged into my palace, dragged me onto the streets and are demanding justice. I must give a speech. Yes, not a gracious winner. I know that name, but that's just my character, you know,