Long Distance Relationships

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I began a podcast series to upload onto Spodify and other friendly apps. This specific topic was with discussing a journey of long distance relationships.

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Hello, everybody. Thank you so much for checking out the podcast. This is our first one. And if you guys like it, well, we'll make a second one, and we'll go from there. Thank you so much for being here today. Uh, we're going to be talking about long distance relationships. Yep, yep. All about love. Well, just to give you a little bit more, uh, about myself, my partner and I, Brian, we researched for advice and experience for being a long distance relationship. We read articles on Google. We watched YouTube videos. We tried everything and nothing. Waas helpful. So we're here today to help you all out who may want to or they're thinking about or have never been in a long distance relationship. We would like to know what what it would be like. So, background story. Uh, just a quick ones. I went to a Central America for an internship, and there I met an amazing guy. You know how it all starts, right? I came back to the U S. To the United States before leaving for Spain to study abroad. And then after finishing my studying abroad there, I came back to the United States again. And it just so happened this coronavirus decided to show up. And here we are, almost a year with a long distance relationship. And we've had so many obstacles along the way. But you know what? We're still going strong, and that's awesome. Um, some things that we're gonna talk about are what we're gonna begin with having a relationship at a distance. It's an experience full of many emotions, which we may not be ready for. But that's okay, because we learned from new experiences and one of the things I asked myself and Brian as himself Waas Are we prepared for a long distance relationship? Neither Neither of us have dated someone for so long and weigh. Haven't been on a long distance relationship before either. So we have no experience whatsoever until now. But it's something that we're all gonna ask ourselves and the truth. Iss No, you will not be in. No one who is new to this can be prepared. You can search for information that will give you ideas, how to act, how to be what to say. But you will never discover that that specific thing that is going to keep the relationship together until you take a day by day and you and let let that history and experience and love story built. Um, in a long distance relationship, there will be many things will surprise you. And, you know, some of the things are gonna be the feelings that are going to be bad and good, which, and you get to choose which are which, um, but that will also give you the opportunity to get to get to know yourself and your partner a little bit more, uh, talking about feelings. Uh, you know, you'll be surprised how you act, how you behave, all those feelings that we already know by name. But you learn to give them you their own meaning. You know, you you may wonder what are some of these emotions, and some of these emotions are figure, anger, jealousy, happiness, anguish and all. These used to be nothing more than words for me. We do not have any meaning at all. A swell, I mean, until now. Um, and it's just it's amazing many things, uh, many, many things that I've learned along the way and some of those things other things, other than feelings are many other times people will let you know I will. Let will tell you things that you don't want to hear. But they're gonna tell and share these opinions with you because it's something that they have never lived. And also, they're probably gonna try and protect you from a new a new, totally different experience. And I could say it's a challenge to be next to your partner because well, at first, as the relationship is developing, because you're putting yourself and your partner on each end off a very thin, dark bridge in the meeting point is in the middle, not knowing what what there is underneath the bridge. I know it za silly idea, but basically this is how it feels because you don't know what will happen. There is a lot of uncertainty. However, we have the option of working together as a couple to make everything easier. And little by little, we're gonna shape it. We're gonna shape into what is known as a strong and healthier relationship Azaz it develops. You learn small part of yourselves and something that will be totally difficult. You will learn every day. Um, is to trust the other person. At first, it can be very sad, and many of times you're gonna make mistakes. And that's okay, both of you. What you want to do is you want to trust your partner, and this is a very important topic that both of you have to keep in mind in every situation in every decision. I know it's very complicated, but there's so many things that you may want to discuss. And it's not easy to learn and trust another person, especially when you don't have when you may not trust the people around you already, and little by little, you will. You will take this and you're you're gonna learn. If you really love the person and they're very special to you, it will be difficult to hurt them, tell them lies or high things from them. The important thing is that you feel comfortable and you are willing to talk about any topic about anything. I know sometimes some of us don't want to talk about feelings or talk about what's good and bad in the relationship. But you know what? This is gonna help, and I'm I'm very sure that no topic will be so difficult to share with that person that you that you're in love with, and it's like, amazingly, just came into your life because you want to solve these things together. You are now a team. You will learn to make your partner feel comfortable and part of your life, and how do you do it? In many ways, you have to be creative. But mainly you wanna put yourself and your partner shoes to give you an idea of how they may feel and think for the moment about how your decision will affect your partner. How you will feel is what we think is what we we question but ourselves. But because just thinking about it and not acting is a very nice thing to do to put in practice with every decision we make, it's ah well, when you decide to have a partner, you basically decided to share your life with another person. It will no longer just be you and your family and acquaintances. It will be as the word says, a couple. I think that one of the important points of having a healthy relationship is this. You start to share experiences, feelings family and just life Amazing moments in life. Uh, you way. We understand that the partner we have, they just make us feel amazing. And we wanna we wanna be very inviting to them, to our environment. And some of these things that have happened to me just to share with you is when I wake up in the middle of the night. The first thought that comes to mind is that person, Brian, And I'm pretty sure it happens to them as well. And you can't believe it, right? Because it's reality. You're sharing your life with a special person and well, it will be challenging. But it will be one of the most rewarding experiences in your life. What works for some other couples does not work for all or others. But try and know that nothing is easy, but also do not make it harder than it already is continues to be. If you're in love with them with your partner, know that if you both love each other that there will be uncertainty which many who are not in the same situation may not understand and may not want to support. But you know what? You two are unstoppable with this madness wanting to see each other again and continue the bond. And when you're at the moment of breaking and you feel like nothing is working, breathe. Take a day or two to rethink all the other days you've already made it through. And now go ahead and celebrate, Love. Thank you so much for checking out the podcast. I really hope you guys like it. Um, there will be a part, too, if you would like to check it out. Just have a wonderful day. Have a wonderful night wherever you may be, and we'll see you soon.