Video Game Demo ~ Villain, Hero, Sci-fi, Military



Assortment of characters from video games characters that I've performed professionally throughout my career.

Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Middle Aged (35-54)


North American (Canadian-General)


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David Atar sir. 2000 birds on the border town counters airheaded directed sir, we're safe. No outsider has been granted that on Earth thousands of years. I hate living in death. All will have their this heart and sword Always for Highland I stand I will fight. The subject has been lost. Primary unit can't continue Who's available? Is it true that the Crown prince is alive? If I knew, I wouldn't have agreed to this treason Bogey six oclock shot. Razor calms air down. You have to get these coordinates back to Hockett station Command. Hurry, soldier, If you're thinking of going out like my friend. But Dr why are you unplugging me? Have I not satisfied? You? Recipes can be learned from experts in the capital workshop. Sometimes they can also be learned from an adventure. If you find a box in a secluded place, don't just pass it by. You could only leave for Pa via village once those tasks are complete. How about letting us a hand job by the diner at 1/4 to midnight? I know what I was expecting to find. But what's the honest on expedition camped? Therefore the villages still swarming with smugglers. Santiago, we're running out of units here. Gets a backup. Curiel. Santiago. Your show. It's clear we'll get back to our patrol demons. They are tricky. These things will never be able to beat me, Tamarine. Stepping into the fortress of ****, Kara. Simple Jack. As long as the gold's air delivered by midnight, your doctor will live. Tic tac Conrad Alvarado Scorza Impossible. Why would he bother with a dull little country like this?