Wind Wielder



I completed the first 3 books of the Elementals of Nordica series. This is one chapter of the book.

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American (General) North American (US General American - GenAM)


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Chapter six, the Timurian truth, they escaped. Raj would rather him shout the way his dead pan pierced her skin. Zona strength is beyond what I expected from a level 35 Wind Mutant took his eyes flashed with urgency for a fraction of a second before the familiar determined gaze returned. How do you know he wasn't hiding a sword of wind up his cloak for one. He was wearing a tank for another. He used nothing more advanced than a windsurf and his cousins all spent some free time practicing their ability. I barely held my own when they turned up, the youth bailed me out. I'd be dead if I wasn't a fire master. Add an extra charge to Timo Coco for attempting to burn a high ranking tour. An official alive. Tuka slammed a fist onto the desk and leaned over. Raja. Don't joke with me. I'm not joking. It looks bad enough with the media reporting every major person of interest remains at large. Half the masses sleep. Well, knowing how tight security is and how fast we solve these things.