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Sexy wife (Character I wrote): Young Adult Characters Generation Yuppie Soccer mom Playful Mother Housewife Flirt Animated Warm Authentic Believable Cartoon Engaging Genuine Endearing Flirty Internet Commercial Sultry Romantic Feminine Perky Flirty

Excitable Newscaster (Character I wrote): Young Adult Characters Generation X Generation Y Reporter Newscaster Animated Amusing Authentic Believable Cartoon Friendly Dynamic Enthusiastic Genuine Serious Quirky Upbeat Bubbly Eccentric Energetic Funny High strung Humorous Perky
Frustrated Teacher (Character I wrote): US New England Boston Providence US New York New Jersey Bronx Brooklyn Middle Aged Characters Generation Y Teacher Boss Animated Angry Antagonistic Authentic Authoritative Believable Cartoon Monotone Concerned Genuine Strong Straightforward Tough Cynical Funny Humorous

Wingman (Star Wars Jedi pilot): Young Adult Characters Generation Y Warrior Action Star Superhero , Soldier , Fighter pilot , Animated , Authentic , Believable , Cartoon , Concerned , Dynamic , Brave , Genuine , Endearing , Strong , Scientific , Serious , Technical , Radio , Tough , Confident , Energetic , Edgy , High energy , Skeptical

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Master Yoda, Please tell me the kids. Oh, the kids. I dropped the kids off it. Moms, I think we should do this weekly. I love that idea. Let's do that idea. I don't need this suit. And I don't need this helmet neither. Repeat red two to Red Leader. Do you copy? Well, Dallas splits literally raining cats and dogs out here. I just saw a dog fall out of the sky so pulled onto your pets and make sure toe have them spayed and neutered.