Videogame / Animation Demo



Some original characters I developed showcasing some ideas that popped in my head.

Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Middle Aged (35-54)


Australian North American (General) Spanish (General)


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At last. In just a few seconds I destroy statue of liberty with the push of single button on computer. Which Windows updates. How long? 49 minutes I should have gotten Macbook Mr President. My world crisis monitor indicates a galactic alien invasion is imminent. Thank you. No need to thank me sir. Patriotism is its own reward. MR in densities policy on aliens is to immediately deport them. Brb. Thank you for calling Primo Directive owes customer support line. If you're having trouble, we're there on the double. If you need some help, you're not by yourself. This will be fun because we're number one in customer satisfaction. How may I assist you today sir or madam. Um Okay. They how may I assist they today? I am every shadow, every darkness, every unknown. I am so close. I can smell the stink of your humanity. So the most effective way of dealing with the jellyfish saying is to have your mate urinate on the spot where you got stung. Now let's practice for that emergency. Ah I've been stung on the face Sammy. I need you to save me. You know what to do mate. Tonight we drink to you. Text the best type of machine gunner this unit has ever seen. Come tomorrow. Me and the boys are gonna hunt them VC and make them pay for what they've done to you rest in peace brother. Goodbye. Text Hola mami. I bet you didn't think the most exciting night of your life was started. A hotel bar. I like your style. You would look perfect hanging off a puppy caliente. I like it. Hit me again. Hit puppy again. Good evening sir. I have taken the liberty of laying out your most vibrant suits for tonight's festivities we have here the black charcoal, midnight raven, onyx, obsidian and outer space. If you're feeling especially saucy. Alright Maria, this is the laundry room. Our family has a lot of whites and colors in our wardrobe. So make sure you do separate loads and make sure you do a separate load for any of my son's socks that don't lay flat. Ha ha ha. Oh and also make sure that nothing smells like cigarettes when you're done. So as we continue our relaxation meditation picture the vibrant blue skies take on the fragrant smells as we lay out on the fluffiest, most luxurious weed farm. You can imagine. Whoa! Dragons can have blue flames. When I grew up my flames are gonna be blue too. I'm gonna swoop down and nothing beats blue. Why? Yes, I like my marshmallows. Blue flames toasty. You can't do that will allow me. This is stan chow. Thanks for listening