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Steve Friedman. If you don't believe UFO's air, really, you will. After watching what we're about to show you in the next few minutes. Factor in and UFOs are being seen all over the world, not just the traditional silver disc, but all sizes and shapes. There has been an upsurge in the number of sightings worldwide since April 2013. There have been 900 to 1000 UFO sightings reported every month. So how do we determine who's going to be a good leader? But if we could know what kind of a leader of person would be, we would need to know what that person is like with their hopes. Their dreams, their aspirations, fears and values are it sounds like a job for a psychologist, right? Well, ask the average person to name a psychologist, and nine times out of 10 they'll say Freud, Freud, I guess. Frasier. Cheers. Doesn't Sigmund Freud did for psychology what Albert Einstein did for physics? He popularized the deepwater horizon, was working in over 5000 feet of water, prepared to cap the well it had drilled to a target depth over 18,000 feet as a final step crew began pumping seawater down the drill string to displace drilling fluid known as mud, to a nearby support vessel. The Damon Bankston. You feel the explosion Blythe Next morning, the smoke plume rising from the inferno could be seen from space as the rig burned for two days before it finally sank to the bottom of the Gulf.