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A tech manual for a medical re-breathing device.

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a neonatal. Self inflating resuscitator is used to ventilate a neo Nate with a body weight less than five kilograms. Ventilation can be done with ambient air or with oxygen. The device could be totally disassembled and is easy to clean and disinfect. All parts are manufactured with durable and high quality materials that can withstand a variety of cleaning methods and a range of storage solutions. It is supplied as a complete set with non re breathing patient valve with a pressure limiting valve so that airway pressure does not exceed 4.5 K P a. 45 c m h 02 and congenital rate an airway pressure of at least three K p A 30 CMH 02 the steps below serve as a general guide to trained personnel. The protocol can be customized according to health facility standards and requirements, but neonatal resuscitate ER should be prepared and tested for proper functionality before delivery. 18. It should be noted that when the resuscitator is used on a newborn, it is important to watch for chest rise, listen to air movement and check for improvement of the newborns, heart rate and color one check equipment and select the correct mask to apply them. Asked to make a firm seal, extend the head, place the mask on the chin, then over the mouth and nose. Ah, firm seal permits chest movement when the bag is squeezed. Three. Begin ventilation Practice should follow the w H O guidelines on basic newborn resuscitation. Four. Crinkling disassemble clean subject equipment to H. L. D or sterilization. Reassemble and assure proper storage before the next use.