COMMERICAL DEMO Casual , Genuine , Authoritative

Video Narration


His voice is Casual , Genuine , Authoritative . As the Regular Joe .

Erick is a professional voice actor who's projects have varied and have been described many ways . Here's what collaborators tend to look for when they find and choose him for these types of reads ...

A voice that sounds natural , neutral accent
should be candid and earnest
Not commercial , a TED talk attitude
Warm & Conversational Male
a male in the 30-40 year old range
Easy-going , conversational voice needed for web spots
for a crowdfunding video
a sharp , easy-going sound
a young adult 20s to early 30s , friendly , warm voice
a voice for a Brand manifesto film
cool , confident , engaging and edgy without trying too hard
a touch of mysteriousness and wittiness
A voice that can talk confidently
A voice that can talk confidently about Augmented Reality technology as well as sneakers
recording in a Live Session
someone with raw comedic timing
Mid 30's to late 40's
Mid-range pitch voice , not too low
quick-witted neighbor next door
Not goofy or aw shucks-y or too happy go lucky
not gruff
He sounds borderline monotone with a hint of sarcasm like he's in on the joke
throws in hints of brightness and positivity when needed
carefree and colorful
Think Jason Bateman on the witty side
Luke Wilson on the interesting side
Charlie Sheen ( not angry or crazy Charlie Sheen , positive affable Charlie Sheen) on the sarcastic side. Friendly Charlie Sheen is as edgy as it gets
short web videos , fun & upbeat
a male voice talent brand voice
young , cool , authentic , and powerful without coming across as corporate.
generate excitement and buzz around this groundbreaking technology
less sales pitch
build throughout , with the last line really hammering home the message
Read as a normal person - not to be salesy or too announcer-y Just a normal calm read that matches the subject matter
voice that’s not too theatrical or commercial sounding
a voice that reaches the target audience , like parents of young kids

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Voice Age

Middle Aged (35-54)


North American (General) North American (US General American - GenAM) North American (US Midwest- Chicago, Great Lakes)


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