4 Simple Voices (Worker, \"Typical Dude\", General Voice, Malicious Character)

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In this demo I do 3 simple voices: a regular worker (0:00), a \"typical dude\" talking about his love life (2:18), my general voice and range (3:42) and a malicious/evil character (5:33)

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American (General)


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ho. Hello. Come on in. Nice to meet you. I'm Walter Malone. How are you? Good, good. How may I help you today to right? Okay. What's your price range between? Well, that is a bit out of what rentals usually go for around here. Sorry. Excuse me. Oh, no, I wasn't disregarding you. Oh, no. All I meant was that the rentals in this area go for a minimum of 2000 per month. You were missing the mark by hundreds. I'm afraid. I never said that. You couldn't afford it. I'm only going by what you told me, sir. But I cannot show your rentals if you can't afford them. Sir. What? I am not judging you. Based on your appearance, you're getting this all wrong here. I could I can show you some rentals. But if you can't afford them, why would I waste your time in mine? Excuse me? You're rich. You know, people come into my agency daily and I've met all types. A man looking like you, your bandanna and rip dreams. Silver jewelry, wrist bands is definitely not a man of wealth. Besides, why would you wish to rent when you could buy buy, buy. Don't. Oh, is that so? Why, As I have heard of them. Oh, is that your company? Show me. Show me some identification and I'll believe you know I'm not discriminating against you, sir. You just claim to be the CEO of a major company that I'm familiar with. And all I'm asking you for is to provide me with proof to validate your claims. That's right. Walk away and leave. You're the most magnificent man I've ever met. I wasn't born yesterday, pal. Go run your game somewhere else. Oh! Oh, you will Show me your identification now. OK, Go on. Let's see this. I see. I'm terribly sorry. Business card. I see. Well, yes. I believe you have proven Sumi for discrimination. I think we got off on the wrong foot. For starters, if you'll just come back, sir, just come back and let me explain. There's no need. Please come back. See your card. You left me a card. Okay, Okay. Okay. Let's say I was caught in a fire and received third degree burns over 95% of my body. Would you still love me? Really? You would stay with me. Really? No. matter how crispy Awas. Wow. What? You still love me? Even if I was in a car accident and had my legs and arms take enough, would you still love me? Really? Would you still love me if I was beat up by a group of men and completely destroyed my face? And I looked extremely disfigure? What if What if I was in a coma for two years? Would you stay by my side, Huh? That is a hard one, cause you'll get lonely. I don't think I'd blame me if you slept to someone else. I'd be upset about it. But I wouldn't blame you unless we were married. Then I'd kill you. I'm only kidding, sweetheart. But seriously, though you love me that much, that you would stick by my side no matter what. What if I went to present for, like, 10 years? See, that's a hard one to. Well, you don't have to worry about me going to jail or anything. God willing, it's nice to know you love me so much If any of those things happen to you, Priests oddly view asked real quick. I'm only kidding. Numb on the kidding. If anything, ever happened to you? I'd always remained loyal to you no matter what. Honey, I love you just as much. Look, Bilbo, I can't have you work here anymore. And the reason being is that you're an *******. Very simple. There's no sugar coating it. There's no Oh, the company is downsizing type stuff. Okay, you're just an *******. I mean, *******, in the most sophisticated sense of the word, you make your typical ******* want to call you an *******. Look at Frank. That's an *******. My right. But you, you're such an ******* that you make Frank look like the honor roll student of assholes. And we both know he's dumb as dirt. No offense, Frank, but he's a tolerable *******. You go be on your average *******. You're like the frickin like. If there was a college just for assholes, you wouldn't even be the dean. You'd be the founder with your great big ******* of a name plastered all over your ******* school For all the ******* students of the world who would be trained under your philosophical ******* way of viewing the world. How's that? No way. There's more. If it was your birthday, the pastry chef would write the words Happy birthday, *******. On your cake. OK, hold on, hold on. On your wedding day, even the priest in a church of God will turn to you and say, *******, do you take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife? If you ever became president, the level of ******* you and display would make the citizens of America before is to name a day after you called, ******* day. You should have your own cologne called. You guessed it, *******. So all the assholes in the world could wear it And to help non assholes know when a genuine ******* is approaching. See that door? That's the ******* door. That's where I'm telling you to check out. And God Almighty don't ever come back. You come to me and you say to me how you need me to help you You come to me and you say to me all the things that you want me to do for you Come to me like you know me. But where have you shown that? You know, you come to me and you make me wonder why you are using me. You know who I am. I know who you are. Are you not a spineless rat looking forwards? Mother's ***? Are you not a roach dumb enough to even get stepped on? Sure. You come to me like you know me. I will do what you ask, but for such rudeness I must cut off your thumb. I will save your daughter's life. I will. But I will have your thumb as my trophy. I would stick it in a jar and keep it through all the stages of disintegration. This will remind you every day who you are.