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This was a voice over track to Video on the opening and operations of a large, natural gas Energy plant in Mexico. I did two versions for it.

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Welcome to the thermoelectric plant. EVM one in operation since 2016 by Del Valle de Mexico with the most advanced technology in the control room. A system of high performance processors allow monitoring and operating every process natural gas. The fuel that keeps the plant working is received here. These compressors supply the needed air for the natural gas and water displacement to the turbine. In the three air derived turbines, the gas combusts and moves their blades. This movement is transmitted to the generator's electromagnets. The generators convert the mechanical energy into electricity. Each generator has an output capacity of 33.3 megawatts of electricity every hour. The joint capacity is 100 megawatts, three high tension transformers transform the tension of electric current by elevating its voltage. Then it flows into the transmission lines which in turn, distribute it to the population grid. One plant has a variety of systems to guarantee an efficient operation, that is to say with a reduced fuel consumption and low emissions to the atmosphere. A cooling system to maintain the right temperature. The turbine combusts comply with Mexican official standards for gas emissions from fixed sources. The nitrogen oxide emissions are below the maximum permitted level in the electrical room. The protection coordination and power backup system are under one roof. The anti fire system has three water propulsion pumps, a secure backup in case one of them does not function properly. De valle de Mexico contributes to the country's development by providing electrical energy and care for the environment. Yeah.