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Looks like Ash gained a little weight after leaving Pallet Town...yikes! Now he's selling you the latest weight loss trend because it seems to have worked for him!

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todo ball. Take one. Reaching the weight that is right for you can change your life. Set yourself a goal and watch it happen. Wait. Water scales are engineered with the latest innovation Precision Elektronik technology to deliver accuracy you can trust. Our full line includes modeling with big, brightly colored displays and patented built in levelers that show you exactly where you stand. Ah, variety of features let you measure and monitor your body. Fat hydration levels be a my and body mass as well as your weight, because healthy weight is about more than just Palance. While working towards your goal, make a digital weight watcher scale part of your routine. You worked hard to achieve your goal, and we will work hard to help you stay there. Weight Watcher scales Accuracy You could trust by Konare. For more information on Weight Watchers scales Baikonur. Visit www weight watchers dot com or call 1 803 to 6 6247 Already, Um, which character from Pokemon was that? Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town