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From a dorky teenage boy to a ditzy girl to a self-aware robot to an evil grandma to a pug trying to sniff it's own butt and many more!

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Teen (13-17)


North American (General)


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Heidi doesn't even know that I exist. But she's totally in love with ninja. Not that I could blame her. I mean, ninjas a rat. The spirit of the forest is not so easily broken. My robo nipples. Why do I have them? Oh, my goodness. Jen, My taste looks so white on camera. Eat his heart. You get it? Courage and maybe chicken notice. Nobody gives a damn about me. What do I need to do to get attention? Well, don't you recognize this sweet old lady like me? Finishing? Warning. You are leaving the objective area. Tiberi? Um Field is not secured. Foolish weaklings. Your piteous minds will never father my power way are the Ravens host? You did everything you could. It wasn't your fault. E need you to stay. I haven't seen this much scratching since I had allergic reaction. The razor clams, bro. We're gonna have a party so huge you're gonna need a map to find your way around. Marcia, I made you a sandwich. Okay, well, I'll just put it right here with all the other ones you didn't need, either. It was nice talking to you. I am not hysterical. I am calm. See, it was just a weird noise way Don't need to turn this into a commando operation. Let's give all the begging and rigamarole and Leah cookie on me. Mama! Hey, Mom, can I choose my But now?