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This is my animation demo, recorded 2018

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Tim Carlson. Listen, guys, I'm pretty sure principal coffins is a vampire. His office windows air always closed. His teeth are way too big. And last month he banned wooden stakes from the school. I have a plan. I say we lure him into the cooking class. We pound him with garlic and then we'll know for sure. So who's with me? Do you seek for tune who? I have? Just the thing. One moment. Crystal ball. Poison. Monkeypox. 00 that's rank. I really gotta get rid of that right fortune. Here is a mystic map, But beware. Treasure you seek May no be the treasure you find. All right, men, suit up. We're go for launch in 10. I don't need to remind you of the importance of this mission. If Tommy does not get his snacks, he will get cranky. He will throw a tantrum and tears will be shed. You joined Snack team six because you are the best of the best. So get in those cookie jets and let's get the job done. Oh, I'm a plastic bag. Yeah, you know, I got stuck in the back of the box, but it's okay because you know it's quiet and someone will find me. You know, I'm put something in me, Merrick. Maybe some Kongers or a fruit. Or like a meat. Maybe, I hope. Oh, hello. Welcome. Come on in. Come on in. So Damn it, Cheese. Where's the cheese? Hiss said you'd bring the cheese. Oh, this is bad. He wouldn't like me when I haven't had my cheese.