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From AI to Farming, Tricia has brought life, humanity and upbeat fun to many business videos. Whether for internal use or for presentation to the general public, each client receives the best version possible. Welcoming, conversational, warm and authentic. Tricia brings the real person to life.

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spurred by recent global economic uncertainty. Refiners and chemical manufacturers faced numerous challenges and now against a backdrop of public and investor sentiment. To address climate change. These same companies must reduce their carbon footprint while maintaining profitability. How will you navigate these challenges? Companies that embrace digitalization to unlock new ways of doing business will have the greatest opportunity for success. Digital solutions like unified production optimization from Aspen Tech are already having an impact, helping customers optimize operations to lower carbon emissions and maximize margins. This solution combines historically disparate work processes to drive measurable improvements. For example, in the face of drastic market change, planners can now explore thousands of options quickly to find the best plan which schedule is then execute considering actual real time constraints based on the planning and scheduling targets, operators leverage advanced process control and dynamic optimization synchronized with the plan and schedule to improve operations, reduce energy intensity and maximize margin 24 7 and this same performance data provides feedback across the organization to improve future decision making, responding to lower demand for jet fuel and gasoline US Energy company Marathon Petroleum used Aspen text dynamic optimization technology to adjust refinery operations and continue generating value. Optimizing assets has historically required, experienced in house experts, many of whom are retiring. Mhm. Unified production optimization combines decades of process knowledge with artificial intelligence and automated workflows to help newer, even remote engineers optimize operations and develop new models for added business improvements. Sam raffle large Middle Eastern refinery shut down its FCC unit temporarily in response to lower gasoline demand. Using Aspen tex blend optimizer, the company produced a higher octane gasoline and exported it to a new foreign market proven to lower energy use and C. 02 emissions. Unified production optimization can also be used to evaluate new business opportunities, such as adding chemicals production to an existing refinery or evaluating hydrogen as a green energy source. For example, spanish multinational energy company Cepsa recently used dynamic optimization technology within its hydrogen network And reduced flaring by an impressive 90 Unify and optimize your production today. With the digitalization strategy backed by Aspen Tex 40 years of proven innovation, we'll help you unleash your full potential, both in sustainability and profitability.