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What is brand services? Media. Hello and welcome to brand services Embassy your place to learn more about G. B. S. Brand services, its role in PNG and how it supports our employees and consumers. PNG spends billions of dollars each year to educate consumers and create excitement about our brands and products with the company usually ranking as the world's number one or number two advertiser in terms of spend. It is an incredibly powerful driver of not just company sales but also the equity of our brands. Many PNG organizations now have dedicated media teams supported by regional brand operations groups, corporate functions and as of 2018 A G. B. S. Service line as part of brand services. The media and asset services team supports media planning, buying and analytics through a variety of tools and initiatives focused on empowering brand builders and agencies to build insights and optimize their plans by better understanding media performance and streamlining work processes that support our media investments. The team is currently led by Graeme Mills with F. T. E. S in Cincinnati as well as europe. During the brand services overview video we discussed media metrics but what about the other solutions the team offers, Let's talk about a couple of them now, starting with digital media optimization. D. M. O. Is a dashboard and alerting capability that delivers insights on the digital marketing performance of your brand to help you manage your campaigns. It helps businesses quickly understand opportunities to improve their digital plans including keyword choices, creative quality and adoption of best practices and is available globally for businesses who advertise with google search amazon, facebook, youtube and the trade desk. D. M. O. Has been adopted across many categories at PNG and is available globally except in china. If you have questions on D. M. O or are interested in learning more, visit D M O dot pG dot com linear tv optimization or L T V O as the name suggests, is focused on enabling businesses to optimize their tv advertising. Despite recent trends in consumer viewership, Tv still represents P and G's biggest advertising spend and while we learn more about consumers evolving tv viewing habits, it remains a significant source of potential media efficiency. L T V O leverages individual and household viewing behavior to suggest smarter ways to spend tv dollars. The service is a partnership with data science and allows for an algorithmic optimization of tv plans. You can learn more from your business brand services in bed or from C. J. Brown. The service leader, thank you for watching future videos will discuss brand services, media and media concepts in general at greater length. Be sure to look out for our other videos dedicated to each of the pillars as well with case studies and examples included along the way. Until next time safe travels, the embassy is always open