English speaking male with a deep, vibrant and clear voice.

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This demo consists of smooth car commercial reads, a voiceover for a true crime tv show or podcast, a prescription drug ad, pre-movie theater announcements & a movie trailer voice over

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Middle Aged (35-54)


North American (General)


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Sometimes having no plan is the best plan of all. So go wherever the road takes you in the all. New 2021 Subaru outback life is full of things to worry about. Luckily your new Toyota Corolla with its industry leading safety and design won't be one of them. Toyota let's go places. The following program deals with alleged supernatural events. The term supernatural encompasses supposed phenomenon or entities that are not subject to the laws of nature. This term is attributed to non physical entities such as angels, demons, gods and spirits. It also includes claimed abilities embodied in or provided by telekinesis or magic. This program is not a news broadcast. Do not use a mixer if you have certain medical conditions. Um X. M. May cause new or worsening urinary retention problems with controlling your body temperature and blurred vision. Call your doctor to find out if um exit is right for you. Armed with a search warrant. Police collected samples of Jason Massey's hair and impounded his Subaru outback a piece of carpet was removed for scientific analysis. We would like to remind the audience that eating, drinking, smoking and the taking of photos and video is strictly prohibited inside the theater. Thank you for doing your part. Now sit back, relax and enjoy the show, superior design, outstanding quality. And the drive to innovate Mercedes Benz the best or nothing from master filmmaker Hayao Miyazaki in world seen and unseen where spirits are transformed and sorcerers rule one Girl's future depends on her judgment, her courage, her loyalty and remembering one thing above all else, experience a magical movie phenomenon embraced by all the world this fall, prepare to be spirited away.