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20 years ago, a new aircraft changed the shape of aviation. The long awaited B two stealth bomber flashed before the public, leaving all and wonder in her invisible jet stream. But it wasn't all fanfare. The B two was built for a cold war that soon ended. The world's most expensive aircraft languished for 10 years without a single combat mission. Then she's finally called to conflict tested again and again. The men and women who serve her must constantly upgrade her. We track each of her missions to reveal her secrets. How has she overcome her trials? Reinvented herself for a new world. And what of her future? Under the radar, the stealth bomber in combat in the top secret cockpit of the world's most expensive aircraft? There is a button America's Adversaries wish didn't exist. It is a button little bigger than a letter on your keyboard and marked with the word pen for penetration. When a pilot hits the pen button, the stealth bomber essentially becomes invisible. Until then, she's looked on radar like a normal aircraft. Now her radar signature becomes that of a Siegel. This is a technology America relies on in times of global conflict. And for 20 years we've managed to keep the technology of stealth secret through four major conflicts at least two espionage attempts and trials, both political and physical. The stealth bomber is still the ace up our military sleeve.