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you've probably read about a lot of corporate crises in the news. They happen a lot, and many times they get global attention. Other crises could be very localized or relevant only to a specific group of people, but they all have a few things in common. They threaten the reputation of the company, which erodes consumer trust. They threaten the company's freedom to operate, either by increased oversight or fines and penalties. They require a company's complete focus to resolve. A common misperception is that domestic abuse is a private issue that stays at home. The truth, however, is very different. Domestic abuse is mobile, pervasive and follow survivors and perpetrators wherever they go, including the workplace. The Bloomberg Terminal is a software that clients download and install into their Windows computer. It is common for Bloomberg clients to call customer support for assistance with downloading and installing the software in order to access the terminal. An RFP light is both a qualitative and quantitative procurement process, meaning the selection of a vendor is criteria based, which includes price and in some cases, delivery as opposed to being strictly quantitative or price base.