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Woman with brown hair in front of a computer and mic, looking at a voice script for a commercial.
Voice Over Sample Scripts for Clients and Voice Talent

Use these free voice over sample scripts to help write your next voice over script or use them to practice your voice over skills.

A mechanic using a socket wrench under the hood of a car, representing a selection of automotive commercial sample scripts.
Voice Acting
Automotive Commercial Sample Scripts

Rev your voice over skills with these automotive commercial scripts, showcasing a battery-powered automaker, a used car dealership and more.

A man and a woman backpacking through tall grass and brush.
Voice Acting
Travel Commercial Sample Scripts

Are you looking to create a radio ad for your travel business? These travel commercial scripts can help guide and inspire you.

Smiling young woman sitting in front of a laptop and microphone recording a podcast.
Podcast Intro Sample Scripts

A razor-sharp podcast intro script is the best way to start off each episode of your pod on the right foot. Use these scripts for practice!

A woman in a clothing store holding up a top on a hanger.
Retail Commercial Sample Scripts

Looking for retail commercial voice over sample scripts? Here are some 1-minute, 30-second, and 15-second sample scripts for your inspiration.

A realtor giving a home tour to a couple.
Real Estate Sample Scripts

Take a tour through these real estate sample scripts that will inspire you to create a real estate ad of your own.

Image for medical sample scripts - image of three medical professionals in front of a hospital.
Voice Acting
Medical Sample Scripts – Explainer Video

If you're creating an explainer video for the medical industry, these medical sample scripts can serve as inspiration to get the job done.

A woman with brown curly hair writing in a notebook.
Voice Acting
Sample Scripts for Nonprofit Ads

Nonprofit scripts are a critical component of nonprofit marketing and advertising campaigns. Here are sample scripts to inspire.

Person holding cell phone watching explainer videos
Voice Acting
Explainer Video Sample Scripts

Use these explainer video scripts for productivity software, a photo app, and an indie skincare brand for your demo and/or practice.

Woman at a computer studying
Voice Acting
Technical Sample Scripts

Looking for technical voice over scripts to get your medical and science jargon down? These sample scripts will get you there!

A lead actor being filmed by a crew on an outdoor set.
Voice Acting
Movie Trailer Voice Over Sample Scripts: Male Lead

This sample movie trailer voice over script is great for you to practice a voice for a male lead in a full-length movie spot.

Female lead actor in front of a camera on an outdoor film set.
Voice Acting
Movie Trailer Voice Over Sample Scripts: Female Lead

This sample movie trailer voice over script is great for you to practice a voice for a female lead in a full-length movie spot.

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