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Voices.com offers the leading online marketplace that connects business people with professional voice-over talent.

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What is it?

Voices.com’s marketplace enables people to post a job, then receive responses based upon their specific project requirements. The advanced system automatically analyzes the client needs with matching voice talent profiles and invites only the most qualified candidate to respond to a job posting. The result is a success rate of 94%, meaning that nearly all clients who come to Voices.com find a qualified professional to meet their specific needs.

How does it work?

  1. Clients post their job, attach a script and specify their budget and deadline.

  2. Qualified voice talent audition for jobs by submitting an MP3 demo and quote for the project.

  3. Clients listen to auditions and award their job to the best candidate by making payment securely online at Voices.com through our escrow service.

  4. Voice talent record the script and upload a broadcast-quality audio production to Voices.com for the client approval.

  5. Both parties rate each other by providing a feedback rating and a brief review.


New voice over jobs are posted each month
Messages between members who are collaborating on projects
Success rate of clients looking to find a voice talent who met their artistic direction and technical requirements
Average star rating given to voice talent who complete work

What our members say

I wish I had found out about your services sooner, but I found you and I’m super delighted! Your company is a great tool for anyone who is in need of voice over talent. Very easy to navigate, and very secure. I love the “you don’t pay until you are happy with the recording.

Jose Luis Vazquez, Jakan Productions

Your SurePay Escrow service is such a helpful feature in managing a booking. An additional level of peace of mind for both the client and talent.

Diane de Zylva, Voice Talent

I particularly appreciate the Surepay system, as it can often be a gamble working with overseas clients as to whether or when I shall be paid - Voices.com takes the worry out of that part of my job.

Anna Parker-Naples, Voice Talent