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Janna Polzin

Toronto, Ontario, CA
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Janna Polzin

  Toronto, Ontario, CA

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Elf Flirt Goblin Hero Warrior Amusing Antagonistic Cocky Feminine Geeky / Nerdy Mysterious Panicky Romantic Sassy Sultry British Celtic North American

English (North American)
Voice Age
Young Adult

Games are the driving force behind my desire to become a voiceover artist. You will hear characters from the fantasy/sci-fi genre who are youthful and energetic, with a variety of attitude, accents, and style.

On my videogame demo you will find a blind assassin (Soul Hunters), a worried ingenue (Labyrinths of the World), an inside man at a bank heist (PayDay 2), a plucky rogue (Heroes of Newerth), a blood-thirsty warrior, a gruff mushroom grower, a cocky sharp-shooter, a celtic romantic, a mysterious opportunist, and a lab assistant under attack (Legacy of the Confederation)!

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