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Ben Carter

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US

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Ben Carter

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Ben Carter

  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US

Ben Carter – Hennessy Cognac Commercial

Aristocrat Flirt Upper Class Vampire Villain Attitude Condescending Flirty Mischievous Posh Sophisticated Upper Class Villainous Luxurious Cool North American US General American (GenAm)

English (North American)
Voice Age
Young Adult

accomplished, adept, affluent consumer, affluent market, announcer, arrogant, articulate, assertive, assured, athletic, attitude, attractive, audacious, brash, cheeky, chic, chummy, cocky, commanding, compelling, competent, composed, conceited, condescending, confident, conversational, convincing, cool, coolheaded, cosmopolitan, cultured, dangerous, dapper, debonair, deluxe, dignified, effective, egotistical, enchanting, engaging, entitled, exclusive, exotic, expensive product, experienced, expert, flirty, fresh, friend, gravelly, grizzled, guy next door, handsome, high-end product, high end product, hip, imaging, imp, impish, intimidating, laid back, luxurious, luxury product, male, man, manly, masculine, mature, metropolitan, midlife, mischievous, mysterious, narcissistic, next door neighbor, nonchalant, peculiar, playful, poised, polished, pompous, posh, premium product, pretentious, proficient, proud, qualified, quirky, racy, raspy, real person, realistic, refined, regular guy, regular joe, regular person, relatable, relaxed, ritzy, rowdy, sass, sassy, satisfied, saucy, seasoned, self-assured, self-confident, skilled, skillful, sleazy, smart, smooth, smug, snobby, sociable, social, sophisticated, spokesperson, stuck-up, stylish, suave, subdued, subtle, sultry, swank, swanky, talented, trendy, typical guy, typical man, typical person, unique, unusual, upmarket, upper class, uppity, upscale, velvety, versatile, veteran, villainous, villain, wicked, worldly, worldly-wise, youthful, Hennessy Cognac commercial, Hennessy Cognac spot, Hennessy Cognac ad, embrace your wild side with a little dignity, hard alcohol, hard liquor, high-quality brandy, distilled spirit

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