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Berek the Blackguard - Audiobook -Chapter 1 Sample

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The first chapter of the deep and pensive adventure of the real life version of Braveheart. My work includes reading the book, researching with questions regarding voice types for characters, accents and general pace. This book was purposefully told in a slower manner.

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Vocal Characteristics


English (British)

Voice Age

Middle Aged (35-54)


England - Received Pronunciation (RP, BBC), Scottish (Edinburgh), Scottish (Glaswegian)


Note: Transcripts are generated using speech recognition software and may contain errors.
Mhm. Yeah, yeah. Eight years later, chapter one day, 23 of the sixth month in the 1214th year after Zion Barrick, the blackguard sighed wearily. Standing atop the Harrow Hill, which rose over the shimmering Harrow flow, the Alban King felt torn apart by frustration in what should have been his finest hour before him. He could make out the numerous troops of the Krigger Army, which had gathered across the Lynwood plane. They're polished. Armour glistened in the morning sunlight as their bright pennants and banners flapped in a wild Gayle that rippled the turf. He turned to look at the sullen and stubborn people who had joined him from all corners of Alba in a last and desperate attempt to overthrow Craig. A tyranny for good and desperate would have been the best word he himself would have chosen to describe the gathering. For many of them were but low born tenants, men who had seen their lands burned and relatives murdered or raped by their cricket conquerors, or outlawed patriots who had been left with nowhere to go except the ragtag force gathered by barrack in the hope that victory might in some obscure manner, be theirs for even their own king. And supposedly the pride of the alternation was geared for battle in Mina fashion than the communist krigger footmen. Barracks features were weather beaten and haggard. He had endured great suffering for years in his attempts to pursue a dream which had cost him the death of his brothers, the imprisonment of his family and everything else he had possessed and held dear. The king was borne by a grey, stocky stallion with his armour consisting of a thick jerkin of padded leather. In his right hand, he held a rusted acts which had seen countless uprisings against the krigger presses, all of which had ended up in defeat. Except for the Battle of Stone Storm Bridge. Stone Storm Bridge, the most revered site where the Sons of Alba had achieved a famous victory under the command of their leader. What Hurler? That most fleeting success before what was subsequently crushed at the battle of the Gladden fields. Barrick grimaced at the thought of that horrible day when the emperor of Crooked Um had appeared with his large army and Great War machines. The old man army had been destroyed, and the young barrack fighting under Hurlers banner had survived the grim outcome by the skin of his teeth. Yet it was not a lack of ability to fight, which had brought the Opens defeat so many times before, for they had also been betrayed by their own high born lords of the Gladden fields. This had happened many times before, so that panic always spread amongst their ranks whenever a krigger army three times their size across the border to put them down. As always, the nobles would not show on the day so that the album's lack the cavalrymen to counter the devastating Krigger nights, which in turn meant that the Albans believed that if the war against the krigger was to be one, it had to be accomplished by a nation with their high born horseman also joining the fray. Except that most of the high born had once again not shown so that the same frustration which racked barracks heart also burned the breasts of all the auburn warriors and peasants gathered beneath his banner. Where were all the nobles who had sworn allegiance to the blackguard after he had stabbed Scarlett Morgan been crowned king of Alba at Fern Court. Only the aged Sir Edwin Brandenburg had kept his word. Showing up the previous day with 500 horsemen, Baruch chewed his whiskers in a silent rage, remembering how the nobles had also betrayed Hurlers. Faith so many years before at the Battle of the Gladden Fields had all the sufferings he had endured for his country will been in vain merely a fool's quest to fulfil a dream which had never truly existed. The high born could not have done this to him, not now, when so many a time before they had claimed to be his eternal friends and allies. But what they had said were, after all, simply words, at least if the blackguard spies. Reports were to believe the nobles had simply not showed rather than heeding the emperor's call and fighting alongside the Creek ER, which, as the blackguard himself knew all too well, had been an old, too common occurrence in the past. What Hurler had also been fooled by the noble sworn promises and oaths leading to the defeat and eventual capture by the Krigger? The Dragonheart had ordered that the rebel what be torn apart with his head and limbs being paraded in all four corners of cricket. Um, yet the Dragon Heart had died of old age, and Baruch, the blackguard, resolved not to meet her lawyers. Same end. After all, he was one of the greatest warriors in the known world and still had time to devise more tactics and seek to outwit the great Krigger army. Word of the impending battle had reached all parts of Alberta so that new troops might still yet arrived before the battle. Despite the great odds, he faced the blackguard, resolved to overcome his own despair and put on as brave of front as he could so that his own troops at least might be fooled by it.