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Welcome to this Learning module on the directed Evolution Technology Platform by Kappa Biosystems here will learn how new polymer races are evolved for improved properties via the process of directed evolution. After completing this module, you should be able to explain the active differences between a family and be family DNA prelim erases Identify the challenges of directed evolution. If you become a toad jumper and are being towed by your universal static line modified and our unconscious, you will be retrieved back inside the aircraft. If you're conscious, maintain a good tight body position with both hands covering your ripcord handle, and an attempt will be made to retrieve you inside the aircraft as you near the pair of troop door. Do not reach for us. Continue to protect your ripcord handle. If you cannot be retrieved, your universal static line modified will be cut. We often view the definite integral of a function as the area under the graph of the function between two limits. It's not intuitively clear then why we proceed as we do in computing. Definite integral. The fundamental theorem of calculus justifies our procedure of evaluating an anti derivative at the upper and lower limits of integration and taking the difference. So far, we have concentrated on outreach to your power network, which involves daily personal contact with your most important connections. But you also have lots of connections outside your power network, and you need to keep in touch with them, too. In this lesson will talk about how to reach out to those weak connections who are not in your power network.