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Jack and Kate are entrepreneurs. Their young, ambitious entrepreneurs want to build a big business. 92% of entrepreneurs like Jack and Kate never knock on our door of the bank when they want to grow their business. They know we can't help when their business is successful. We really want them as our clients. But it's too late. What if we could help entrepreneurs like jacking Kate? When they need us? We can dream. Funder is a community that connects entrepreneurs with investors way. Make sure the jacket Kate, understand the process of raising funds and meet the right investors when they need help with dream Funder. A. B and on row becomes this connecting course spider in the Web between entrepreneurs and investors. Way no, the investment profile of our partners. So we make a perfect match. Dream Funder creates a win win situation for everyone involved. Jack and Kate learn how they can become investor ready and get funded, and investors find reliable propositions with the A B and on row net saving time and money in their deal sourcing process. As a bank, we build strong, relevant and meaningful relationships with winners of the future when they need us most. What booking dot com is doing in the hotel business Dream Thunder can do in the corporate finance? We're revolutionising the investment process and becoming the friendly bank for entrepreneurs. We make Jack Cates dreams come true. Dream fund making dreams a reality.