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LiteBringer Game Trailer. Authentic, Genuine, Confident, Heroic, Deep.

Voice Over • Videogames


Trailer I recorded for the new game Litebringer.

Vocal Characteristics


English (Scottish)

Voice Age

Young Adult (18-35)




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I am more than just a swordsman. I explore the lines of ASA radio from busy markets to a charter. I am a pioneer going where no one has gone before. Every successful quest brings riches, every defeated enemy, things power as I rise up to become a mighty knight. I am a slayer. Monsters defeated stronger, stronger foes. I lived to face down my enemies. I live to raid. I am a collector, hunting all the greatest weapons in our there's always better to find. There's always a better deal to be made. I am a trader, buying and selling everything I like. No one else you ever met before I light bring.