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English - Audiobook Excerpt - Multiple Characters - 2 Male, 1 Female

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Recorded and edited by myself.

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English (North American)

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Middle Aged (35-54)


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senior came via carrier plane. He landed just outside the walls and we all went to meet him. A meeting has been set up with all the nations. You mean the four nations are actually going to come together? Yes, I asked, in disbelief. Your brother is coming on behalf of North Forest brew. Tour is going to be there. And some guy from Westland, john Proctor, john Proctor, Some guy, you mean the prime accountant? Asia scoffed. I thought black coats were trained in foreign affairs, she continued. We were trained. I don't keep up with all that stuff. There's been six prime accountants since I left my training and none of them have done anything useful, Shania retorted. Well, he does make a good point. Westland hasn't seen a good leader since its founder, Roshan Manik. If you ask me, the whole system is over convoluted. Yes, Zach repeated.