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we now begin our broadcast. Hey, bobby, I think buster's trying to tell us why that's the biggest supernova explosion in the galaxy. Space Angel. And you're powerless to stop it, curse you, mega feen! You'll never, ever finish that ice cream thrown up by yourself, Mr fattah frat. It's simply enormous. I know, I know why. It's anybody will say anybody. No neck monster like yourself. When will you ever, I can't help it, Felix. I must have that bag disintegrate the earth with my D 1 65 79 space modulators. Where's the kaboom? Hispaniola defenders. Jim, Ain't that right, Captain Salty are cases of seven. You're the last para tile ever boy at a discount house. What am I? The street kind of coney island George. But lenny, I told we're in bismarck, North Dakota introduce myself. I'm inspector a three quarter life size fiberglass model of a rare six stone, hairy nosed armadillo. It's been in the family for years. I shouldn't wonder