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British, England - London (Cockney, Estuary, East End), North American


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so like every day I turned on the news channel and I see a girl bullied So I shut it out. I flipped on the newspaper this morning. Then I see the same bullied again. I opened up my social media. It said she was at home bullied again. Why Black, Brown, white, yellow Are they not of the same family? A family of colour? Why African, Middle East, Native American, Asian and European Mongolians? Are we not of the same family too? Humanity. Why don't we understand? Race, Religion Caste Creed is a function and was constructed for a benefit. Make them slaves and turmoil them. But what was the outcome? War patron Inconsistency in the world of mankind. And it has not ended even yet. Today, as I speak, I never understood and realise What pleasure or happiness does it bring to them To make fun of those with small eyes, Dark skin, short hiding? Are we so different? Are we so stolen hearts it that we can't see their emotions that they go through when they are made fun off? Are we not all the same mankind? I was born from a womb of a mother just like you. But in the north eastern states of India the southern part of the nation, the north And yes, my eyes are small. I'm dark, I'm wrapped in black and I wear account. But my vision, my ambition is as big and as pure as yours. I know you are good by heart but it's a society that taught you and I'm being label What wrong Never done to you Let me tell you what I feel and go through When you call me by names and hope this may change I feel weakened deep inside and anger piles up in me I start feeling lonely and you won't believe you don't make me feel part of this land I start doubting all and everyone I start feeling insecure living in the midst of you all. I tried to fight with all I have, but I'm beating down again with that name you have label me. I do not want anything from you. I'm not here to take your job away. I'm not here to take your belongings away. I'm not you to take your right away. I'm just here to have a life of my own. Please understand Mm, yes. Genetically and biologically, we are all different. But you know what? This race concept began in the 15th century and I'm not here to take a class on it. But what are we if for just once Please leave every thought aside. And we didn't have to say Your eyes are small. You are black, You are brown, you are short. You are covered in black and you wear a cap. We, our old wine of the same clique of blood. A human race after all. Well, as they so hard and difficult to stand by them who really needs us really needs us just to say Hey, are you good? Is all they want? Are we not supposed to help each other in times of turmoil and disaster? Now the world is crippled with this virus. I'm pleased. Do not spread another virus to destroy humanity. The thing is, virus racism. Let's end it here and forever be together. Yeah, yeah,