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Um Unicom is developing a revolutionary immunotherapy technology called amino for recess that has the potential to revitalize a cancer patient's immune system to naturally fight cancer cells without introducing anything new into the body In a tumor micro environment, a patient's immune system sends combating cells that secrete a protein known as TNF, into the tumor micro environment to attack and destroy cancer cells. However, malignant tumor cells have a clever defense mechanism that rapidly secretes counter acting proteins called S TNF, ours to shield the tumor from TNF, the cancer shielding S TNF. Ours bind with nearby TNF disabling TNF tumor fighting capabilities, which then allows the tumor to continue growing undisturbed by the immune system. Utilizing an industry standard after recess system, which is similar to dialysis, a patient's blood is sent through the system, and it's separated into its cellular and plasma components. Once separated, the plasma portion of the blood flows through um, Unicom's Immuno for Recess column, which acts as a filter, capturing and removing the immune suppressive STN fr proteins. The column contains proprietary microscopic fears, which have bound their surface Tomb Unicom's capture protein as the patient's plasma flows through. The column STN fr zehr trapped by M. Unicom's proprietary capture protein and become immobilized within the device. The STN fr stay entrapped in the column while the plasma flows out of the device and back into the after Reese's system, where the plasma and separated blood cells are recombined and returned to the patient. The target of design ofhim, Unicom's capture molecules ensures that nothing other than STN fr zehr extracted from the plasma during treatment. The patient now has significantly less cancer producing S t n f ours in the tumor micro environment, which enables TNF to more freely attack and kill the tumor cells. Munif er recess has the potential to treat all solid tumor cancers and be used alongside other cancer treatments without harming healthy cells or sacrificing patient quality of life. Adam Unicom We're reimagining healing.