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The Betrayer

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Audiobook - How An Undercover Unit Infiltrated The Global Drug Trade

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Operation Begonia saw two investigators from the IEDs Manchester office. You're a Colombian sales team into a trap. They had been introduced by her Jimmy, a larger than life former nightclub bouncer and paid informant who was familiar with the narco scene in Colombia and Brazil. A senior investigator known as Robo posed as the corrupt company secretary of a British firm importing furniture from Holland, while another officer, Phil, was his runner and sidekick. Robbo had no UC training, while Fields only previous role had involved a brief handover of illegal rhino Horn. Feel hard, however, learned Spanish as a child, which gave him an advance here, too, with Colombians small and wiry, he also did not look like a policeman. While Robo dealt with two cartel representatives, Frank Le Pere and DiRado Baron Phil used his apparent insignificance to win the confidence of one of them. When Low Pere travelled back and forth to New York, he left barren in Manchester alone, desperate for company, he took fill out for meals and drinks. Phil, playing the put upon menial, started complaining about his treatment by Robbo. This immediately triggered parent, who, like all subordinates, had his own beef with his superiors. I never even had to ask him a question record, Phil. Once I mentioned being mistreated, I couldn't shut him up. Baron was a sales rep paid on commission. He said his job was to do three things. Get out and make cells make a profit and keep finding more ways of doing it, said Phil. It was like listening to a rep selling toothbrushes. The sting resulted in an importation of 243 kg by air from Amsterdam in boxes of flowers, and Lopa and Karen were both arrested. Further intelligence identified other shipments heading to Eastern Europe, and in all, nearly 2.5 tonnes of cocaine was recovered. Described as the first members of the cartels to be brought before a British court, Baron was jailed for 11 years in low power for nine. The informant, Jimmy, was paid £100,000 as a reward. Feel subsequently joined beta projects for time and would go on to be a successful long time. You see, Jimmy's next job was equally promising. An introduction to someone he claimed to have access to tonnes of Bolivian coke data was to run the infiltration and chose Stanton to lead it, even though he was immersed in the long job and several other cases, he was sent north and booked into the cockpit door in the hotel in Salford to meet the informant. Jimmy was good company, but a danger to be with. He had a tendency to force the pace and appear too eager, which could arouse suspicion. He was also an adrenaline junkie, was swallowed the Hollywood view of undercover work and loved being in South America high risk environment where they won't hesitate to put a bullet in you. Like every informant, you have to stay on your toes with him. You must always remember that they are criminal at heart, even if you like them and will rarely turn down an opportunity to enrich themselves. From the cop thorn. We went to a nearby flat, where he introduced me to a South American called Francesco. In his early forties of medium height and build with black hair, swarthy complexion and strong accent, he had travelled a circuitous route from Sao Paulo, Brazil, via Brussels and Madrid to get to Manchester. Jimmy tells me that we might be able to do business together, I said. Francisco said yes, he was looking to put together a deal. He hard, he claimed, once being a pilot for Fabio Ochoa, a partner and ally of Pablo Escobar. He had left the game for several years at the insistence of his wife in the past few months had moved back in, starting with small loads. Francisco had both Bolivian and Brazilian passports and could travel easily. He had several ideas about how he was going to develop his smuggling, the main one being to use a deep freeze container from the busy port of Belem in northern Brazil. I told him I could get a reefer there. No problem. Running gear in reefers had a big advantage in that they were fast, clear and rarely checked, as the contents would spoil it. Allowed to warm up, they also had disadvantages. Reforms needed to be moved quickly and kept connected to electric power to keep cool. As time went on, the authorities noticed their popularity among smugglers and put them under closer scrutiny. But for a while they were almost full proof. Francisco suggested putting the cocaine inside a delivery of frozen juice and said he had contacts in that business. As with all the meetings Jimmy was involved in, there was a lot of bullshitting, but I felt there was something there. As the evening wore on, we decided to take a car back to the cop Thorn to get dinner over our starters and just go ask me about my trade. I said that among other things, I was able to use my own ships, which got him very excited. It would be easy for me to transfer the goods at sea, he gushed. That is something we must do. Well, I need to tell you, I would only do that if the wait was worth it. I said anything less than three tonnes would not be profitable enough for me. I'd have too many overheads. I understand. But we only deal in one time this first time. So perhaps we stick to the container for this one. Agreed? How long will it take you to get a tonne together? He mulled it over about 45 days. Francisco then told me about some friends of his based in France who had been caught for a small amount but received long prison sentences. Anyone caught with a tonne in Europe would be looking at 20 years. We discussed my transport price for powder and settled on between $8500 a kilo, depending on how much my team would have to do. His tonne of materialist would make me something north of $4 million. After agreeing in principle, we arranged to meet the following day to clinch the deal. Next morning I was back in the Salford Keys flat, drinking my second coffee of the day and keen to hear more of Francisco's plans. His main concern was setting up the required export company in Belem without linking himself to it. I sympathised telling him to be careful and not to discuss it with anyone he didn't trust. He was to buy the frozen juice from a cooperative he knew, and I would place and pay for a legitimate order sufficient to hide our gear. But are you sure you can arrange a tonne? I asked. I've dealt with people before who talked big loads but failed to deliver. No problem, man, he assured me. But it will take time to get it together. In my early days I was in good with the cartel dealers. They loved me, but I never stored more than 50 kg in one stash. So if anything goes wrong, you don't lose it all. Even now, the kitchen I use has to move every couple days. When I was well known, I ran a kitchen that could make 600 kg a day top grade. But since the trouble with my wife, I just do smaller.