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The advert is for a Nigerian hotel service company where I did both the voicing and audio production.

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at me. Oh, we are transforming the hotel and homes hospitality business through quality experience and comfortable prices. We are helping hotel and homeowner drive business by increasing occupancy, hotels and homes. Businesses are tremendously perishable businesses. Each single day at midnight, every single room that doesn't get sold get spoiled. You can sell a day old bread. You can sell a day old pancake, but you cannot tell a day old hotel, room meal, hotels and homes. While you should join us our value proposition. There are five main principles through which we make sure to generate value for hotels and home partners. This together has helped us build our brand one channel and revenue management to our hotel technology property management software. Three. Guest experience management four Brand management and hotel transformation N five growth and marketing capabilities one. Our revenue management team uses data technology and know how to reach the right customer for you. We understand that everyone is competing for the same audience and maximum exposure. We create a increase in online exposure and better conversion. Be advanced data driven dynamic pricing. See cancellation management, NZ exclusive Demand channel A increase in online exposure and better conversion Using Oh ta Online listing. We offer robust online publicity and partnership with various online travel companies to reduce the dependency on individual channel. And so our property is bookable everywhere and anywhere with reasonable time stay. By so doing, our partners tend to have more extra clicks than different hotels within the same distance. B advanced data driven, dynamic pricing prices changes every are based on demand, competition season and many more matrix our advance in house technology. You'd optimisation model works on hundreds of thousands of information points collected from different areas in region. This metric allows us to alternate prices. Almost each are our boost. Using technology permits us to optimise pricing, which in the long run resource in better and higher ref part revenue per available room. We additionally, analyse various factors to increase revenue per available room that is rate plan differentials, room types, proper photography, cancellation policy, user experience and many more See cancellation management. Thanks to our technology and marketing tailored cancellation rules, we succeed in achieving better cancellation ratio than our partners, which results in low last minute inventory rate drops from customers. D exclusive channel, fully owned channel for driving occupancy without expensive commission to partners. 85% of our customers come from our exclusive channel. With no extra commission like our corporate partners, website sales managers and offline local agents, we make sure high quality content is updated throughout all our channel online, thereby generating more bookings to our property management software. With our technology, you're certain to stay ahead of your competitors. With this, we assist independent hotel and home owners to compete and be triumphant within the rapidly growing hospitality industry through a inventory. Checking in and out of guests is really simple. Group booking is done with a few clicks. Be calendar view show bookings on data and bookings by range. See management of all aspect of Operation D Housekeeping, automated staff management tracks to complete inventory of rooms. Ability to assign tasks directly from your office to the housekeeping staff, e channel and revenue management. Managing revenue Split between channels and occupancy rates Hotel owners today probably require viruses of platforms to manage their needs. They may need to use different providers for bookings, inventory reporting, housekeeping channel and revenue management. Most instances, these solutions are possibly restricted within your hotels because of this. You can't make decisions or even track your business on the move. You understand these are issues and have created integrated solutions at an all your needs into a single platform for complete hotel operations. Called me Oh system, our mule system PMS is accessible on any device. This means you can get crucial statistics about your business regardless of where you are. It's specifically Butte for small and medium sized hotel and home asset owners and continuously improved by our software developer. We help our partners by reducing operating costs through task automation, efficiencies in workflow, increased occupancy rates and revenue, lower operating costs and also improve basic gas experience, given our partners freedom and time on things that certainly matter to them. Also owner reporting app for decision making on the move and transparency of operations at any time and anywhere. It provides simple detail, overview of your business operation, guest review of the property and price and update. Asset owners need access to read different reports daily to stay plotted. The day to day operations of the hotel and homes owners want transparency, ability to evaluate guest feedback and stop any form of fraud. Our goal is to empower partners by way of creating tremendous reporting system mobile guest experience management solution. General monitoring system. Ultimately protecting revenue through mobile online on the move anywhere, anytime. We understand our success greatly depends upon your growth. Three. Guest Experience Management Guest Experience Review Management on O. T. A. And response to customer reviews, staff training, regular property audit and reviews 24 7. Guest escalation Centre Guest experience programmes for hotel partners. Dedicated partner, consultant, team guest experience We understand that the hospitality business is not an easy business, and we recognise it's a difficult work to ensure that every guest has a superb experience. More importantly, we recognise the impact an outstanding guest experience will have on any asset overall performance. For example, it's drive loyalty for repeat guests. Boost online reputation throughout o T A and Nano TA platforms. Basically high review score high visibility, high conversion and repeat customer equates high a. D R and high revenue. However, these days most hotels owns use technology, information or data to drive guest experience. We leverage our AI driven customer management systems and data capabilities to make sure that every guest has an excellent experience and that it accomplished effectively. Yeah, Also, through staff training, we create Onboarding training programme for all our partner. However, it doesn't stop there research for specific problem areas and provide focus on going training around these for your property. Regular property audit. We use our room asset audit management system to identify precise room level issues. We flagged this to you and you can ensure regular maintenance and consistent experience for all neo customers. We provide 24 7 guest escalation Call centre to address immediate guests issue. We've got an Operation Team that is available to you to assist with guests issues and managing escalations to drive the visitor experience and manage reviews from your property across all partner o. T. A. Reply to guest reviews and deal with all social media escalation for the property dedicated partner Consultant team. We can assign your property consultant team to monitor the ongoing health of your property. They will choose out specific improvement errors and suggest ways that these can be worked properly. Generally are experienced teams are beauty around, ensuring a consistent guest experience, helping you to drive higher revenues and saving you time also to incentivise high service stage level and to make sure that your staff remain engaged for brand management and hotel transformation. One. We can revamp your hotel space through structural makeover and aesthetic touches. We have taken a completely unique technique to Brandon, our hotels and homeless partner properties. Through retention of original brand called Branding. We look to maintain the original features at the same time as adding functional elements from our brand assets. We instal brand asset developed to enhance hotels, overall performance throughout online and offline access to excellent rates and amenities and other goods through our different level. Agreement to increase visibility built into an exterior. All our properties get high visibility Neo Brandon to ensure property can be spotted anywhere and everywhere. Similarly, Brandon Solutions given to exterior is given to interiors to ensure maximum visibility and appropriate standards are made available to customers the moment they enter the property. Post meal branding. Once our Brandon has been mounted on your hotel property offline and visibility online, we've seen an instantaneous correlation between Brandon meal hotels and homes, doubling the visibility and occupancy compared to non meo asset within the same area. We provide exceptional transformation to bring your property up to international class standard at the most economic price. Five. Growth and marketing competences through corporate partnership Website. Mobile Lab Call centre Offline Travel agencies Social Media O. T S are now exclusive channel. Also reporting with corporate business enterprise. To make certain you reach a new set of audience regularly, we build a local digital marketing programme that we continue to optimise and refine. Based on our continuous study of hundreds of hotels, our direct exclusive channels are closed for only meal partners. This drives a sizable amount of demand that you wouldn't be able to get elsewhere. This encompasses our apps and our call centre offline travel agencies websites. Given that only recognise and branded meal, hotels and homes can sell on this platform, this means we function. The cycle driven a vast amount of demand but without a high price commission through leveraging our expertise and network, our contracts types, in case you want to earn high return, run your operations on the media brand for hotels or homes. Select neo united contract in case you want to submit your hotels and homes operations for consistent income and focus on your other passions or business. Select neo management's prime contract. If you want us to manage your asset to maintain it for long rental and stable occupancy, ask for a meal rental contract the com port of the fastest growing hospitality brand in Africa and take the advantages that comet meal, hotels and homes Mhm, yeah, yeah!