KIA 2022 K8 \"How To\" Video Narration

Video Narration


Narration of 8 videos explaining the features and operation of the KIA K8 sedan.

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Let's take a look at the highway driving assist feature unavailable roads. This feature detects the vehicle and the lane ahead, maintains the drivers set speed and the distance from the vehicle in front of you and helps you drive in the center of the lane when the engine is on, go to driver assistance in the vehicle settings menu and you can choose features you'd like to use through the driving convenience. If another vehicle comes into your lane, your vehicle will safely move to the other side of your lane to prevent a collision. After selecting the highway lane change assist. If you grab the steering wheel and move the turn signal light switch to the direction you want to change lanes. The lane change will not occur if there is a vehicle in the next lane, but your vehicle will switch lanes. If the next lane is clear. When the dashboard is set to driving assist mode, you can check the available activated waiting and canceled modes of the highway lane following assist feature.