Sean Connery, James Bond



A fictitious interview I did for my podcast with Sean Connery a.k.a. James Bond.

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So as we're currently in this pandemic and really in our podcast, we don't do anything topical. But that as a radio guy, is what I do. And I thought with a pandemic going on right now, I thought, Why don't you reach out to some of my former contact people that I used to have on our radio shows all the time and see if I get a hold of them and talk to them and see how they are dealing with a pandemic, what they're doing on a daily basis, that kind of routines that they have changed or may be implemented as they move forward as we get into this situation. And so I reached out to an old friend of mine, and here it is, live Shell Quarter, because I'm a man and I don't wanna handle ish I can. And foolish because I was trained up for this now because I used to be born. Yeah. Yeah, I've heard. So what is your daily ritual like? Lots of corn, teenies large, not stead. That's pointless. Last long enough for me to taste them. No. Okay, so what kind of things you doing besides the drinking to stay busy. I tried something new. Yeah, my crank kitsch told me about it. I tried to do one of those stances. Oh, ha. Diego, Could we see that somewhere? Well, I sprained an ankle, pulled my growing holy, and I can't find my to pay, right. As a matter of coincidence. You want my catch? Looks like she needs a haircut. Jesus. How many beds do you have? Eight. All catch. Okay, let me guess. Yes, Octo pushes. Right. So what's it like being quarantined with eight ball? Push? Yeah, sure. Let's go with that. We go through a lot of moisturiser. No cuts down on the pet dander. I'm through. I'm also passing the time with a little drinking game. I call the colon over Yiddish. Okay. Sounds very Irish, not Scottish. Been shot for every country the US passes on the infected cases list by the second week. My live up pickled who? Jesus. I just got out of the I c u So good that I'm now with a 12 step programme. Well, that's a good start. Every 12 steps I can make. No, I have another shocked. Of course you do. Until I lose my darling. Well, yeah. So any advice for people during this time of crisis? Sean? Stay in your homes, you ******* morons! Okay, Drink. Okay, I am, and I'm