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Welcome to Disneyland's cast of Lovable park characters, guests love interacting with mickey goofy all the princesses and the rest of the gang. I mean we're not known as the happiest place on earth for nothing but before you don that oversight Head and start taking selfies with fans. Let's talk about how to handle things when crowds are large guests are rude or kids with runny noses want 15 hugs before they'll stop crying and you have to decide between tears and toddler spoon. Welcome to keys of effective communication. In this course, you will learn to use communication to build rapport and create environments of trust, warmth and respect. Make great first impressions and create more and better personal and professional relationships. Wow, you've got a very full piggy bank there. What are you going to do with your money? Are you going to spend it on something you want right now or do you want to put it in a savings account and grow it for something bigger in the future laura, I understand things got heated at yesterday's development meeting. What happened frank was upset that the software updates for his reconciliation tools weren't done. I ended the meeting when he started throwing around racial slurs at the indian developers. You did the right thing by ending the meeting? Racial comments of any kind are completely unacceptable. We need to meet with frank to address his behavior immediately clinically. Monkeypox is similar to smallpox however, skin lesions occur more often in crops and linkedin apathy occurs in monkey pox but not in smallpox, secondary bacterial infection of the skin and lungs may occur. Clinical differentiation of monkeypox from smallpox and chickenpox, which is a herpes virus. Not a pox virus, may be difficult.