A brief selection of \"A Clockwork Orange\" by Anthony Burgess.



This novel is read in a Cockney accent using the slang language Burgess created for it to depict the ultra-violent narcissistic Alec in a futuristic dystopia.

Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Young Adult (18-35)


British (England - Cockney, Estuary, East End) British (General)


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What's it going to be, then? A There was me that is Alex and my three droogs. That is Pete, Georgie and Dim. Dim being really dim. And we sat in the Korova Milk Bar making up our roster docks. What to do with the evening? A flip dark chill. Winter *******, though dry. The Korova Milk Bar was a milk plus mesto, and you may owe my brothers have forgotten what these mestas were like. Things changing so scary these days and everybody being very quick to forget newspapers not being read much neither. Well, what they sold there was milk, plus something else. They had no licence for selling liquor, but there was no law yet against prodding some of the new ventures which they used to put into the old Malak. Oh, so you could Pete it with the villa set or synth, um, esque or drink, um, or one of the other two wretches, which would give you a nice, quiet horror show. 15 minutes admiring bog and all his holy angels and saints in your left shoe with lights bursting all over your mosque. Or you could peak milk with knives in it. As we used to say, and this would sharpen you up and make you really ready for a bit of dirty 20 to 1. And that was what we were repeating this evening. I'm starting off the story with Our pockets were full of dengue, so there were no real need from the point of view of crusting anymore. Pretty Polly to tolchok some old wreck in an alley and video him swim in his blood while we counted the takings and divided by four. Nor to do the ultraviolet on. Some shivering, starry grey head sits in a shop or go sneaking off with the tills guts. But as they say, money isn't everything.