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Hello there! My name is Kenneth and I’m perfect for your next project. I’ve been blessed with a deep trustworthy voice that’s perfect for portraying complex characters, delivering believable messages and engaging with your key audiences.

I am open to work in any project, but as a huge fan of sci-fi

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Middle Aged (35-54)


East African (General) North American (US General American - GenAM) US African American


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Hello, my name is Kenneth hardy. Welcome to my demo reel. I'm a voice actor looking for projects to grow my portfolio first. I'll start with some sample commercials and I'll finish this reel with some character voices I created. That is when things will get a little more interesting and I hope you stick around and listen to them all. Come and experience the excitement at Saratoga gaming and Raceway. Our state of the art facility offers a beautiful racetrack casino and dining facilities and is located in the quaint and historic Saratoga Springs, a popular destination for over 100 years. In keeping with tradition, Saratoga gaming and Raceway was the first video gaming property established in new york state. There's so much to do here, odds are, you'll have the time of your life now. Yeah. Hey, if life were perfect magazines would never smell like perfume, dogs would walk themselves and algebra would really come in handy. Well look on the bright side at least there's Amstel light. It only has 95 calories, but you can still get that real imported taste. You don't give up a thing who says nothing is perfect and still light on the field where tradition is king where coaches are legends, Warriors will rise with nothing left to lose. Rick penning has a chance to discover what it takes to be a champion. His will will be tested, His dedication will be tried and his reward will be Freedom solder is a metal alloy made by combining tin and lead in different proportions here. The proportions are equal. So it's 50 50 solder, 50% 10 and 50% lead. A 60 40 solder would be 60% 10 and 40% lead. You can find these percentages marked on the various types of solar available. And sometimes only the 10 percentages show. The striking fact about solder is its low melting point. Pure lead has a melting point of 325°C pure 10 a melting point of 232°C. But when you combine them into 5050 solder, the melting point drops to 216°. This is a character I call Celtics fizzle kind, Celtics fizzle kind is a gnome artifice er and the second richest man in all the rules. Seg Next is a character called guard look ugly mug. He is a goblin. My name is guarded ugly mug. I have built many great machines. For the city of Barra kesh. My machines protect the city from the sandstorms in the desert and reclaim water from the moisture in the air, feeding a city with moisture. This is another character. His name is Silver's Would flight. My name is Silver's Would flight. I am a spy Mr. For one free, I do his bidding for the safety of marrakech and for the safety of the kingdom. I don't really have a name associated with the next voice. It's just generic villain voice. Hope you enjoy you think your swords and shields can protect that wretch from me, foolish insolent mortals raise your shields if you must brandish your swords but I'll be back for the boy. I don't really know what this character is but I have been doing this voice lately. It feels so good. Oh I love having a good time and hanging out with my friends. That's fun. I call this character cartoon day Morning Fall. Our island of Morning Fall has been cut off from the rest of the kingdom by the destruction of the transportation circles and the diamond line. They are running out of food and resources and need trade routes restored. Thanks for your time and again. I'm Kenneth hardy and my email is Kenneth J. Hardy at gmail dot com. Or you can reach me by phone at 6019536811. Thank you.