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Directed, Written and Produced by Myself, King's Choice Voice, this encompasses my dynamic voice and ability to fit my voice into nearly any project!

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American (General)


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Goblin. Did you eat that last cave slug again? Can you slug? Uh I don't know what you're talking about goblin. One of these days, I'm going to smash that dumbhead of yours with a ceremonial smashing rock. Oh, the foul of madness. Divide. Take my minds. Let's be th fill it with thy chaos and madness set me free. Let thy tends wrap me eternal nights. Let me bask in night, dark and grace and forever be lost in night grace. Come on. Then you dogs. I'll show you scum what it means to die with pride. Oh Hey, kid, I'm sorry. Turns out you never had a chance to begin with. But hey, don't worry, I'll make your death nice and quick. Just like all your other reject friends. See you. Of course there's a problem in the boiler room. What is it going wrong today? Just stop. Hold them off a little. I, I almost got this thing open, Jack. You no good bone here. I know you drank the last silla. Get your butt out here. I ain't gonna ask why well done acolyte. We will take back what was once ours? We will teach these to heroes obedience. You want me to assassinate the president of the moon? That is correct. Do you have any idea what sort of bloodshed that would cause? Yeah. Count me in boy. Oh, yep. That's all that was on the tape as far as I'm aware. Um, look, the kid's obviously talented. He's gonna go places, but he told me to tell you that he was gonna go make a name for himself. But look, I'm sure he's gonna do just fine.