Final Fantasy VII Remake Parody

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I'm doing a parody series to the video game final fantasy VII. In this demo I play all characters. Barry doesn't trust Rico so he tells he to leave. Rico is then trapped in a room with three henchmen who engage in battle. While the entire time the are being watched by the main villain. Cut back to the aftermath of the fight. Barry tells the plan to Jessica and Rico.

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Armenian North American (General)


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yo *** back on that train. We can do this without you. I'm high as ****, but don't get it twisted. I get all the ******* and I told you before, I don't want to kill anyone. They run up, I'll let him down. What luck? Hey, get that door shut! She looks like I'm killing shooting. Oh, wait! Made a mistake. These peasants that broke in appears to call themselves brasses. Sir, we are currently investigating whether or not they associate themselves with bank grows. Who made the attempt on your life? Reality Kings inquiry should not take much longer. This is crazy. This pump said he didn't want to kill. Couldn't tell. We go in the room and his body's every month. The bunker Where? Gary, What is the plan? Where's the plan? Once we get off the elevator will be in the reactor room. Once we get through the reactor, we disconnect. You want to know? How are we going to disconnect these nuts, ***? High telling you yet? So what if you killed a few guys for the squad? I don't trust your ***. Tip. Any vouched for me? Tiffany Mother said it was cool, but I don't know how you know my baby mama anyways, are you Pipeline, huh? Still in love with her day of straight? I am. I'm piping. What? We'll see what?