ANIMATION Demo - Energetic, Sassy, Diva, Cute, Multiple Accents

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Acheivement Badges Top Talent


20 different characters and tones and styles, conversational, energetic, spokesperson, announcer, zany, crazy, fun, wild, excited, animated, loco, loca, fiesty, loud, quiet, wise,

Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Teen (13-17)


French (Parisienne) North American (Canadian-General) Spanish (Latin American - General)


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This is gonna be fun. Me like fun experience. The most fantastical realm of the world. I just got tickets to the happiest place on earth. It's awesome. Welcome. Please wait to suit your needs. I like to make an entrance and the dress is beautiful. I am a woman. So Iona Monahan, Hi baby bear, are you okay? Oh no, it's time for your winter nap and you're late. Follow me, get rid of her, go out there and drop a sandbag on her. Get up there. I fell hard like out of a plane without a parachute. Right on your dumb fricking based kind of high is this thing on just to be cassette, the prettiest Persian kitten off from you have magical greatness inside of you. The question is, will you help us? Let us all perish. You're just as pretty as advertised and you've got talent. Obviously a philanderer who trifles with unsuspecting women's hearts. Men take my advice, You'll go back to your wife while you're still in a condition to start each day with a grateful heart. The way to rule and have ultimate power is me dime girl. You ate the princess eminent blow chunks. Yeah, my classes for really fit people. Don't worry, I'm not calling you fat. What if I called you a fat zippy loser for a hot night on the town at the in n out burger or wherever your date decides to take you to the diva of delight. You may kiss my boot leah r scott, Whoa! Yes